Blue Peace in the Middle East

With the long-term vision of transforming water from a potential source of conflict into a potential instrument of cooperation and peace through concrete actions, the Blue Peace in the Middle East Initiative, is a structured and dynamic network of prominent institutions from partner countries in the region.


As a scarce resource, water is vitally important for the Middle East region. Nearly 80% of water is consumed in agriculture by using traditional irrigation methods. Due to the adverse effects of climate change, water resources are declining sharply especially in the region. To mitigate the adverse effects, efficient use of water is crucial in all sectors particularly in agriculture. 


As per the consensus achieved in the stakeholders meeting in Stockholm in August 2018, SUEN functions as the Coordination Office of the Initiative and implements the agricultural water efficiency project (including capacity building activities) together with the region countries.


As project partner, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), co-funds the project together with SUEN.


Project Factsheet


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