Blue Peace in the Middle East Meetings

With the long-term vision of transforming water from a potential source of conflict into a potential instrument of cooperation and peace through concrete actions, the Blue Peace in the Middle East Initiative, is a structured and dynamic network of prominent institutions from partner countries in the region.


It was agreed that a new structure was required to create a mechanism consisting of institutional leaders from the region that will eventually take over the governance of the Blue Peace in the Middle East. In order to create this mechanism, a three-tier structure has been adopted – the top tier being represented by influential political leaders in the region, second tier being the Managing Committee, working towards strengthening the priorities, identifying thematic areas of concern and setting priorities in the field of water resources, while the third tier overall coordinated by the Coordination Office, to support the Managing Committee in the facilitation of envisaged activities.


Pursuant to the decision achieved through consensus by all engaged stakeholders, Turkish Water Institute (SUEN) functions as the Coordination Office for the period from January 1st, 2019 until December 31st, 2022.



As the Coordination Office, SUEN has organized various meetings for the Managing Committee and Policy Advisory Committee.


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